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We pledge to always operate in integrity and transparency.


We believe in engaging in H.O.T. conversations all of the time. The acronym H.O.T. stands for honest, open and transparent. We will always keep a clear line of communication with clients. When we say that we care for you, we really mean it. In the first eight weeks of your journey we will have weekly Q&A sessions with you so that we can really help you learn and nail down the theories and concepts that you are being taught. We will also have an Educational Technology Virtual classroom that will be facilitated by our education staff where you will be able to glean valuable insight as to how a profitable trader thinks. Trust me we have a team of very caring and concerned people who were once in your shoes who are excited to pay it forward and they truly value your success!

We pledge to give you the tools to take into the market and potentially realize market beating returns.


Our goal is to teach you how to risk 1%-3% of your overall account to potentially make 1%-3% returns. These results are not typical and most people lose money in the markets without the proper education and guidance. We will bust our tails in teaching you and how well you do is dependent upon you busting your tail understanding the software and mastering the skill. Profitable trading is a skill that is both learned and earned!

We pledge to always use a direct approach.


We are going to teach you in the first eight weeks all that you need to know. We will spend the subsequent months guiding, modeling, coaching, teaching, encouraging and leading you to the desired outcome. You will have access to modules that will include lessons, videos, quizzes, test and exams. DON’T WORRY, you will be fine, we make LEARNING FUUUUN!!!!

We pledge to serve for TRANSFORMATION, not just disseminating INFORMATION.


We have a strong regard for you and you will soon come to realize that and potentially reciprocate the sentiment. However, you didn’t invest time to vet this opportunity looking for love per se, you are NEEDING results. Everything about EVERYTHING that we do is done for the purpose of getting results. Every lesson, Live Tech session, video, class, webinar or workshop is designed to get RESULTS. There will be a lot of hard work, but not “busy” work! Are You ready??? We are!!!!!

We pledge to give you COMPLETE SOLUTIONS!!!!


There are many educational programs and software developers that drip the information to you in the hopes of upselling you something else ADDITIONAL that you ALSO now need in order to be successful. We don’t do that crap, we give you the whole puzzle, with all of the pieces, AND help you put them together.

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