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Dr. Sacha Dawkins

Money Market Edge

Adjunct Professor Sacha Dawkins has focused her professional career into nursing and education. She has dedicated more than 26 years to the professional advancement of nursing and the education of nursing students. Specifically, Sacha spent seven years at the bedside practicing primarily in the labor and delivery section of the hospital. She then transitioned into a Family Nurse Practitioner role, specializing in family medicine for 5 years. Seventeen years ago, she found herself wanting to broaden her horizons even further, which pushed her into the uncharted territory of the nursing education arena. She feels most at home and extremely fulfilled when she sees the “lightbulb moments” happen for her students. Sacha most recently obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Samford University in 2018, allowing her to further her ability to educate the next generation of nurses. Sacha is the wife of Ken for 30 years. They have three beautiful children and four wonderful grands. Trading has now opened the door for yet another exciting change. She says, “I now can see the endless possibility for financial freedom for not only myself, but those around me. Money Market Edge has been life changing, and I eagerly await the opportunity to share this newfound knowledge with students as eager and willing to learn as I have been.  

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