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Cornelious Wilson Brown III

Money Market Edge Founder

Cornelious Wilson Brown III is a widely sought out speaker for conference keynotes, workshops and seminars. His subject matter knowledge as well as his engaging personality and entertaining approach often leaves audiences captivated, impressed, excited, motivated, informed, inspired, hopeful, happy, encouraged and eager to take the necessary action so as to reposition themselves for the future that they truly deserve. His ability to connect to persons from all walks of life, educated, not so educated, old, young, accomplished, not so accomplished can be seen in his ability to reach people with the same degree of effectiveness whether it be at a Church seminar or at a Financial Conference filled with experienced traders. His workshops, seminars and live events are mind-blowing and life-changing. Whether facilitating a 4 hour workshop, a 30 min seminar, keynoting a Money Market Literacy conference, appearing on a podcast, or sitting down for a radio or television interview, the results are the same…….lives CHANGE!

At the early age of 6 years old, Cornelious clearly understood that his destiny would be to use his gift of teaching as a way of pleasing God and making a positive contribution to society. It is with that understanding that, at the age of 19, he accepted his call to the Gospel preaching ministry.  He became the lead pastor of a rural traditional denominational church and later planted the Kingdom Alive Fellowship Church where he continues to pastor. Cornelious has been giving pastoral leadership and oversight for 21 years.  His television broadcast, “The Kingdom Lifestyle” can be viewed weekly.


As a professional educator, Cornelious was often showered with accolades ranging from Teacher of the Week, Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year to County recognition for his exploits in the classroom. His colleagues would often forgo their planning/lunch period to sit in on his classroom to watch him strategically reach students intellectually and emotionally. While teaching Economics in High School in several districts over a span of 20 years, students gained extremely valuable insight into how to strategically position themselves economically to thrive in a capitalistic society by engaging money markets.

Cornelious brings his same professional teaching ability, passion and drives to his Money Market educational platform. 


Just as our educational system has evolved to integrate technology in varying capacities, Cornelious has also infused 21st Century skills, response to the instruction, formative assessment and active engagement within his mentorship and teaching.

Data-driven instruction coupled with strategic teaching and implementation makes the curriculum so simple that anyone with the desire to learn can grasp the concepts with the necessary discipline, drive and determination. Through this process, Cornelious has intertwined planning and pacing ideals to guide all clients and students. These are just a few attributes that set Cornelious apart. Even minor children have been able to learn the concepts with Cornelious’ mentorship and teaching style.


To capture the essence of what Cornelious teaches, he has created several consulting and coaching programs that have been attributed to his teaching skills, care, concern for students and his ability to connect and reach them where they are.


Cornelious is an extremely competent subject matter expert who has focused his efforts on sharing this knowledge with others. He has written several books and is the founder of Money Market Edge Coaching and Consulting. 


He is also a serial entrepreneur who while teaching High School started small companies in order to model for the students what forming an actual company was like. Over the years he began a Sports Apparel Company, specializing in designing sports uniforms and apparel as well as a Financial Literacy Education Service that assisted people with repairing their credit. 

Soon his entrepreneurial modeling was transformed into mastery and he took the next step to big business. He served as Managing Partner and Vice President of Smith and Brown Transport Solutions, an over the road trucking company that moved freight throughout the country. Paint U.S.A. specialized in commercial and residential painting projects. Projects included Children's Hospital, Alabama A&M University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham Museum of Arts, Jacksonville State University. His Educational Consulting company focused on teaching elementary, intermediate and high school teachers classroom management and discipline strategies that would curtail low emergent negative behavior, thus creating more time to teach.


Cornelious, who is a product of one of the most dangerous and underprivileged zip codes in the Southeast has a heart for giving back to the community which can be seen in his volunteerism in nonprofit capacities. He created One-80, an organization geared toward high school students that purposes to teach them etiquette, introduce them to money market education, expose them to the places outside of their current neighborhood through “exposure” trips, bringing in cultural influencers, i.e. professional athletes, singers, musicians to encourage and motivate them, and creating networking opportunities, emphasizing the importance of exercising and overall healthy lifestyle choices. His aim is “Pointing Lives in the Right Direction.”

Youth Build is a federally funded nonprofit organization that is run by the Cornerstone Revitalization Foundation. Cornelious teaches transitioning at-risk youth economic and money market skills that can help them be financially savvy and independent.

Cornelious also teaches money market literacy education through the Family Court, Drug Court and Juvenile Court system.


As a former All-State performer in both basketball and baseball as well as becoming college basketball player, his admiration and concern for those who possessed the drive, determination, perseverance and skill set to play sports on a professional has lead him to team up with his former AAU backcourt mate, 3-time All SEC performer, Final Four participant, and 10 year European Professional Basketball League veteran and current Mississippi State basketball Hall of Famer, Darryl Wilson (1993-1996) to form “Living Beyond the Whistle” (LBW). Together they teach former professional athletes this skill so that they don’t have to downgrade their lifestyle just because their playing days are over. Darryl often says, “I never thought that I could make Professional Basketball money by simply sitting at a computer.” Cornelious’s desire is to put an end to professional athletes having to downsize and diminish their lifestyle simply because the whistle stops blowing or their playing days have concluded.




Cornelious is the proud parent of 6 beautiful children. De’Ja Neal, Le’Neil, Cornelious IV (Quad), JamieNeal, Neil C.W., and Morganne Rose.

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