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Darryl Jerome Wilson

Money Market Edge

Darryl Jerome Wilson is a native of Kennedy, Alabama. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University. He is also a highly decorated athlete. A basketball player who’s drive, determination, perseverance and skill set afforded him the privilege of playing sports on a professional level. He is a 3 – time All – SEC performer, Final Four participant and a 10 year European Professional Basketball League veteran as well as being a current Mississippi State basketball Hall of Famer. 

Darryl has partnered with Money Market Edge, Inc. and together we teach former professional former athletes the retail day trading skill while providing access to our proprietary software so that they don’t have to downgrade their lifestyle just because their playing days are over.  Darryl often says, “I never thought that I could make Professional Basketball money by simply sitting at home on my computer for less than 2 hours per day.” 

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