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STU President Cornelious Wilson Brown III


Request Cornelious Wilson Brown III as a guest speaker for any of the following events:

  • Conference

  • Seminars

  • Church Conferences

  • Webinar

  • Podcast

  • High School / College Lecture

  • Radio Broadcast 


Cornelious Wilson Brown III is a widely sought out speaker for conference keynotes, workshops and seminars. His subject matter knowledge as well as his engaging personality and entertaining approach often leaves audiences captivated, impressed, excited, motivated, informed, inspired, hopeful, happy, encouraged and eager to take the necessary action so as to reposition themselves for the future that they truly deserve. 

His ability to connect to persons from all walks of life, educated, not so educated, old, young, accomplished, not so accomplished can be seen in his ability to reach people with the same degree of effectiveness whether it be at a Church seminar or at a Financial Conference filled with experienced traders. 

His workshops, seminars and live events are mind-blowing and life-changing. Whether facilitating a 4 hour workshop, a 30 min seminar, keynoting a Money Market Literacy conference, appearing on a podcast, or sitting down for a radio or television interview, the results are the same…….lives CHANGE!

Book him Today! 

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