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Welcome to our Daily Q&A Session.


Trade Live with our Software daily with our Educators, Coaches, Students and Guest Traders. Experience what REAL trading using our proprietary Software is really like!

As an Education Technology company that develops trading software, we realize how critical Daily Q&A Session are in the life of a developing retail day trader. Our Daily Q&A Session allows the trader to receive immediate feedback, network with others that have the same interest as well as learning how traders with different skill sets and experience levels approach the markets.

The Daily Q&A Session will also allow you the opportunity to witness the emotional roller coaster that sometimes can be retail day trading. You will be able to experience exactly how our proprietary trading software will help you by giving you a trading edge mathematically and statistically. Our software provides information from multiple time frames which puts the odds and probability on your side, more times than not!

Participating in our community is optional of course. You are more than welcome to lease our software and watch the videos on demand, sim trade, back test on your own and trade from your own personal home office. However, there is a benefit in taking advantage of the Daily Q&A Session that we offer. Often times trading alone, or in a vacuum, lacks accountability, guidance and a credible support system which is an environment that breeds inconsistency.

In our Daily Q&A Session, you will meet and encounter like-minded individuals who similar to you are also on their way to trading success.

  • Instructors and clients will be taking software-generated trades in real-time. 

  • Instructors will be analyzing Software generated entries, management, and exits performed by clients.

  • Explanations of all software generated trades taken by instructors and staff will be provided for teaching purposes only.

  • Every Losing trade will be discussed and mistakes will be thoroughly explained so that each client in the community can benefit from the knowledge that a losing trade can provide.

  • Questions and Group Participation is the ONLY way to flatten the learning curve, so trade, send pictures in, get feedback, and then trade again!

If you have been seeking a proven, reliable, logical, and intelligent way to trade the Markets, join our community of profitable clients.

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