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We believe that it takes more than just software to be successful and obtain life-changing results. It is not enough to just sell you some intelligence. You will need someone to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step and coach you along the way. We provide cutting edge education technology, a simple strategy that works and world-class support implementing every piece to the puzzle.

Money Market Edge is so committed to your success that we have hired, trained, developed and prepared Coaches to support you by taking you by the hand:


Once becoming a client, you will engage in an 8-week Intensive small group cohort with no more than 20 individuals and a personalized Coach. Our mission is to take you from start to finish in terms of you being confident, consistent, profitable and independent as a retail day trader maximizing the benefits of our proprietary software. The truth of the matter is that using our software, trading is less like rocket science, but you will still need ongoing support.


Our goal regarding you is the same as we have for our current satisfied clients and that is to serve you. YOUR outcome is far more important than our income so we have invested in hiring, developing and training Coaches will HELP you. We don’t just sell you software, but we SUPPORT you for a lifetime.  

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