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Learn to leverage the power of STU's proprietary data driven, market analysis software, “The Brown Goose”. The Goose creates statistical absolutes in money markets, that you will learn to read and use to execute STU’s Proprietary Trading Plan. Scholars receive 6 months of free Instructor-led learning with their software lease, to master the five-step trading plan, which has consistently delivered 1-3% daily account growth!

Start Building Generational Wealth Today at Solomon Trading University!

We measure success by intimately assisting each person as they navigate through each of the four phases below:


Learning the software, market structure, and market psychology are all essential components of developing a successful trading strategy. By mastering these areas, traders can gain a deeper understanding of the markets and make more informed trading decisions.


Practice what you have been taught, observed, and experienced throughout your 12-week intensive. You will actively take trades using our software successfully until you can execute for 20 trading days consecutively.


Observe our education team execute trading plans during cohort sessions using software-generated entry signals and alerts. Witness every step from forecasting and recognizing trade opportunities to entering and managing trades.


Going live is often considered a significant step in a trader's development as it involves taking on more risk and requires a higher level of skill and experience to be successful.

Join the growing number of consistent, profitable, and independent retail day traders who have developed as a result of utilizing our Software.
Real Student Success Stories

5 Star Reviews From Our Students

My experiences so far have been out of this world! I don't know if Neil has told you my back story of how I walked off my job because of my faith in what God had spoken! Y'all are truly a blessing and an answer to part of what God's plan is for me and my family's life! I pray for y'all and this company every single day because I see that God has given y'all a passion to empower people to trust and believe in all that scripture has to offer! Yes we all will have trials and tribulations but money doesn't have to be one of them! I'm excited about being a part of this journey and if y'all ever need me for anything don't hesitate to call! I look forward to sitting in the audience while y'all are doing a televised interview with Oprah about how the company has given people financial freedom that they never knew was possible!

- Solomon Trading U Student

The Man Behind
The Machine

As a professional educator, Cornelious was often showered with  accolades ranging from Teacher of the Week, Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year to County recognition for his exploits in the classroom. His colleagues would often forgo their planning/lunch  period to sit in on his classroom to watch him strategically reach students intellectually and emotionally.


While teaching Economics in High School in several districts over a span of 20 years, students gained extremely valuable insight into how to strategically position themselves economically to thrive in a capitalistic society by engaging money markets. Cornelious brings his same professional teaching ability, passion and drive to his Money Market educational platform. 

Cornelious Wilson Brown III

CEO & Founder

Lead Instructor

Senior Software Developer


You're Ready To Start Trading
For Your Future...

...and build a legacy to pass down wealth for generations to come. It's not enough to reach your short term and long term goals, make the decision to position yourself to pass down your earnings to reach your new generational goals. 

Money Market Edge’s mission is to develop consistent, confident, profitable and independent retail day traders by providing participants with courses that will empower and position them to build a legacy and pass down wealth for generations to come.


We teach traders seeking hands-on instruction by combining our methodology and strategies into our unique education technology environment. In this environment, you'll learn how to use software tools that will assist you in learning when and how to identify reliable support and resistance in regards to intraday Futures trading.

Participants gain knowledge on how to apply technical analysis and the futures intraday trading strategy of engaging Commodities/Futures market via online training. This program is suitable for both novice and advanced traders.

No Risk, No Reward! 

Know Risk, Know Reward!

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